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Welcome to my Nightmare!

July 5, 2012

Welcome to my new and improved personal website, designed to showcase a range of my work and generally act as a hub for all of my online activities. This is the first time I’ve attempted to present something resembling a professional online identity so bear with me through what will surely be numerous changes.

What’s important if you’re viewing this page for the first time is that you browse some of the links to the right and investigate some samples from across my writing career to date. You’ll find there some previously published comic strips, none of which have been available online before, a short story and a little information about my first novel, plus links to digitally published work for a range of magazines around the world.

If you have any feedback about the website or want to berate me in any way you’ll also find my new contact details on the right. The illustration was provided by my good friend Phillip Marsden, who I’m currently collaborating with on an exciting anthology that we expect to release at Thought Bubble 2012.

If you have a comic or graphic novel that you’d like me to review don’t hesitate to get in touch and equally I’m always looking for new artistic collaborators to work with on one-page comic strips and pitches for ongoing comics and graphic novels.

Rather than embarking on an ill-advised plan to blog regularly, instead I intend to update this website whenever I have new writing that I can talk about publicly. Many are the fantastical ideas that never see the light of day, so expect anything that you read about here to be confirmed and primed for release.

Thanks for reading!

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