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Sleeping with the Fishes!

July 10, 2012

We’ve just finished work on a one-page comic strip for issue 380 of Starburst Magazine. The title of the strip is Sleeping with the Fishes and this one has a nautical theme and features characters you might find familiar from some of my past comics. Sleeping with the Fishes is illustrated by my old friend Leonie O’Moore, do take a look at her website to see just how talented she is. I’ve known Leonie for at least a decade and once DJed at one of her small press comic events as part of an act that I was doing with my friend James Cornell at the time. We called ourselves The Gin Joint and played smooth lounge music, jazz and swing while projecting a video wall of gore that I spent WEEKS splicing together from old video-tapes. This was my idea of sophistication as a teenager. Forgetting The Gin Joint for a moment, Sleeping with the Fishes came out fantastically well and my only regret is that we had to cover so much of Leonie’s artwork with speech bubbles. Sadly this is often the way for these one-page strips, I absolutely cannot let a comic be published bearing my name if it doesn’t tell a complete story so the artists don’t normally get much room to breathe. I’d love to work with Leonie again some time and hope that we’ll find a publisher to take us on for something more sustained in the future.

Art by Leonie O'Moore

These two landlubbers are about to find themselves all washed up!

Starburst Magazine issue 380 is due out in August, available directly through the website and on iTunes for the iPad edition. Alternatively we’ve set up a page on the Starburst website to find your nearest store  known to be stocking the magazine, including a humbling amount of WHSmiths around the country. Today for the first time I walked into a newsagents to buy a packet of crisps and found a copy of Starburst on the shelves, which made me a happy man indeed. Knowing that people all over the UK could potentially be reading these comic strips is a real privilege and not something that I take for granted.


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