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Starburst Magazine issue 379

July 20, 2012

Issue 379 of Starburst Magazine is now on sale, featuring my column Adventures On Alternative Earths, my interview with star artist David Aja and my comic strip Sleeping with the Fishes with illustrations by Leonie O’Moore and letters by Mike Stock. You can buy Starburst 379 directly from our website or check here to find your nearest Starburst stockist in the UK.

The subject of my column this month is the emergence of a new breed of independent British comic-book publishers, spearheaded by the likes of Great Beast, Improper Books and Disconnected Press. The quality of small press comics in the UK is now generally of such a high standard that many creators are choosing to band together and create their own publishing houses in an attempt to overcome the stigma attached to self-publishing. This month I also talk about Accent UK‘s fantastic new horror-western WesterNoir,  Dark Horse’s vibrant Conan relaunch led by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan, and finally Nobrow Press‘ translation of Blexbolex’s No Man’s Land, a hypnotic representation of psychogenic fugue that reminded me very much of David Lynch’s Lost Highway.

This August Matt Fraction will be reteaming with artist David Aja for the launch of their new Hawkeye series from Marvel Comics. I’d been looking for an opportunity to interview Aja since we met at Thought Bubble last year and this proved to be just such an opportunity. Check out the magazine to see what David Aja had to say about setting sketches on fire and the reality of being an international artist working for the American giants Marvel.

I covered Sleeping with the Fishes in my last post and am happy to say that it printed brilliantly, with Leonie’s watercolours really popping off the page and Mike Stock’s letters making this the clearest and easiest to read strip yet. This might be the kind of thing that you take for granted, but the reality of writing a good one-page strip can necessitate  a crazy amount of panels in a page so making the comics legible without covering all of the artwork with lettering has been a steep learning curve.

If any of you are reading this and wondering how to get your comic reviewed at Starburst then it’s really very simple, e-mail me at phillip dot buchan at starburstmagazine dot com. If you take the time to contact me directly and ask for my help then I’ll always try to do you the courtesy of judging the finished comic according to your intent.

Cover to Butterfly Gate from Improper Books

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  1. July 23, 2012 8:26 pm

    Thanks for the kind words about WesterNoir … it really is appreciated.


  1. Improper Books » In the news

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