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Starburst Magazine issue 381

September 21, 2012

Starburst Magazine issue 381 is now on sale at newsagents across the UK, on iPads or directly with free shipping through our website.  This issue features my column Adventures On Alternative Earths and my new comic strip To Hell With Good Intentions, illustrated by superstar and frequent collaborator Jack Fallows.  Eagle-eyed readers will even recognise recurring characters Frank and Fat Jackie from Sleeping with the Fishes!

My column this month contains a fine array of comic-book recommendations, including Jon Haward and Alan Grant’s blasphemous and hilarious Tales of the Buddha (Before he got enlightened), Roman Dirge’s equally cute and offensive Lenore, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run on Batman, Darwyn Cooke’s crime-tastic new Parker adaptation and Becky Cloonan’s staggeringly-good self-published comics Wolves and The Mire.  I also shamelessly plug the comics that I’m preparing to launch at Thought Bubble this year, as is my way.

art by Jack Fallows

Our Starburst strip To Hell With Good Intentions might be my finest collaboration with Jack Fallows yet, paving the way for a massive strip that we’re working on for our upcoming Blackout anthology with Phillip Marsden and Andy Waugh.  I should point that Starburst is available in newsagents across the UK so I’m very careful about the contents of the strips that I write there.  In Blackout our collective conscience is the only thing restraining us…

Lastly, I recently interviewed fantasy author Tad Williams about his new book The Dirty Streets of Heaven.  I was honestly wary when asked to read this book, because the idea of Urban Fantasy leaves me cold and the notion of mixing noir with devils and angels really didn’t appeal to me, BUT it turns out that Dirty Streets is a fantastic book and I’d heartily recommend it to anybody looking for good noir.  The mythology behind the series is fine, I had no problem with it, but what’s important is that this is a solid, well-told story about doomed characters on a collision course and I liked it very much.  Check it out if you get a chance.

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