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Starburst Magazine issue 382

October 24, 2012

Starburst Magazine issue 382 is now on sale at newsagents across the UK, on iPads or directly with free shipping through our website.  This issue features my column Adventures On Alternative Earths and my interview with superstar creative team David Hine and Doug Braithwaite about their new Image series Storm Dogs. Issue 382 also contains my new comic strip Embrace the Dark, illustrated by Martin Simmonds and lettered by Mike Stock.


In my column this month I recommend Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy’s Joe the Barbarian, the brilliant Hunt Emerson’s adaptation of Dante’s Inferno, Kasra Ghanbari and menton3’s collected MONOCYTE, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’ Locke & Key, Cy Dethan and Graeme Howard’s Cancertown 2: Blashphemous Tumours and Glyn Dillon’s spellbinding The Nao of Brown. Saying that I’d squeezed a lot of content into the space available to me this month would be an understatement!

November will see publication of the first issue of David Hine and Doug Braithwaite’s Storm Dogs, and the pair were gracious enough to spare me some time to talk about their hopes for the series.  Speaking of the urge to work on a creator-owned title, Hine said: “I learned very quickly that editors will usually go for the safe option with corporate-owned characters. Sex, violence, drugs, politics, religion are all topics you have to sit back and think twice about before you include them. It’s such a load off, to be able to think and write whatever I want and allow the story and characters to develop naturally, without automatically self-censoring.” I sincerely hope that they’ll find the audience that they deserve with Storm Dogs.

My new Starburst strip Embrace the Dark is double the normal length, which I thought was only fitting to do justice to one of the most realistic, kinetic and disturbing artists that I’ve ever worked with. Martin Simmonds and I have also contributed an 8-page strip called All Roads Lead to Hell to Disconnected Press’ anthology Disconnected volume 2, which will be released at Thought Bubble in Leeds this November. I don’t want to waste too much hyperbole, but I suspect All Roads Lead to Hell might be the bleakest comic that I’ve ever written, which means quite a lot if you’re familiar with my work. Martin draws goats, dead bodies and pentagrams like you wouldn’t believe!

Stay tuned for more updates to my website in the coming weeks. I’ll be launching the first issue of my Gothic-Horror series La Belle Dame Sans Merci at Thought Bubble, along with the Blackout anthology that I’ve been working on with Jack Fallows, Phillip Marsden, Andy Waugh and guest colourist Mike Barnes. Expect a press release shortly, hopefully followed by reviews in the run up the launch. On the Thought Bubble weekend we’ll have print editions of the comics with badges to give away, and I’ll be targeting a couple of publishers with pitches that I’ve spent most of the summer on. Expect doomed romance, lovelorn teens, faces painted like skulls and the end of the world, at the very least.


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