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Emanata & Starburst Magazine issue 388

May 1, 2013

Calling all iPad and iPhone owners – La Belle Dame Sans Merci (1 of 4) is now available to buy via the Emanata app. Increasing avenues of distribution often feels like as much work as creating the comics themselves, so this is a big step for the LBDSM team. Emanata host some great content, and where I first discovered the fantastic Vera Greentea, so take some time to browse before reading the free LBDSM preview.

Emanata app

Starburst Magazine issue 388 is now on sale, featuring my monthly column about comic-books, Adventures On Alternative Earths, in which I recommend the art of Cassandra Jean, Umineko: When They Cry and Btooom! from Yen Press, and S J Harris’ blackly comic graphic novel Eustace. All are worthy of your time, so whether you read my column or not, try to check out some of these great new comics.

STARBURST Magazine 388 cover

Due to a clash of schedules I don’t have a comic strip in Starburst 388, but you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve been working with artists James Lawrence and Trystan Mitchell for subsequent issues. The results so far have been suitable macabre, and I can’t wait to see them printed.

P M Buchan and Trystan Mitchell preview

I also reviewed Exposed #1 from Geeky Comics, written by Victor Wright and Nino Cajayon. Honestly, it wasn’t for me, because it felt too much like they were trying to make a mainstream American comic, without the slick art or polished writing that the mainstream demands, BUT, if a blend of war, horror and crime sounds like your thing then you should definitely give it a look. There are moments in there when the dialogue begins to soar and times when the execution matches the ambition, so if they stick together as a team the subsequent issues are sure to improve.

Regular readers (all two of you!) might notice unheralded brevity in this update. I finally started work on my second novel, and there’s a distinct possibility that all the research and groundwork is paying off, because this is much less painful than I thought it would be. When you enjoy writing, that’s when things are going well, right? We’re also making headway on pretty much all the projects I’ve previously announced, with a new added story for children thrown into the mix. Busy doesn’t quite cover it, but I love every one of these projects with all of my heart, and I’m working with some of the most talented people that I’ve ever met, so this is a good time to be me. Not an award-winning, financially-rewarding time, but creatively satisfying at least!

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