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Peter Pan in The TLS, comics in the North-West and lots of manga

July 28, 2013

This week I have another In Brief review featured in The Times Literary Supplement (No 5756), of the Soaring Penguin Press translation of Regis Loisel’s Peter Pan. In short, I found Loisel’s version to be brilliantly dark, but slightly marred by the creator’s treatment of women. Andy Oliver gives an insightful review of the same graphic novel over on Broken Frontier.

The TLS 5756

Starburst Magazine issue 391 is now on sale, featuring my column about comics, Adventures On Alternative Earths. This month I’ve focused on the thriving comic-book community in the North West of England, looking at Adam Cadwell’s slacker vampire series Blood Blokes, Chris Doherty and Andrew Cheverton’s Lynchian mystery series The Whale House, Ravi Thornton’s seriously disturbing graphic novel The Tale of Brin & Bent and Minno Marylebone, and Mark Penman and Andrew Tunney’s video game prequel The Strange Tale of Byron Spencer. My two-page Starburst strip this month, The Hanging Tree, is a fantastical tale of love and greed illustrated by Stephanie Scott.

Starburst 391

This has been another busy month for graphic novel reviews (given that I’m supposed to be focussing on about ten other projects that are coming to fruition!). Click on the links to read my reviews of the Yen Press graphic novels Btooom! volume 2, Higurashi: When They Cry – Festival Accompanying Arc volume 1 and Stephen Lloyd Jones’ debut horror novel, The String Diaries.

There are still a plethora of projects on the horizon that I’d be unwise to talk about publicly, but all are progressing nicely. La Belle Dame Sans Merci #2, particularly, is really coming together, so I should be on track to release at least a couple of new full-length comics at conventions towards the end of the year.

The Hanging Tree preview

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