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Starburst Magazine 392 & the British Fantasy Awards

August 27, 2013

Starburst Magazine issue 392 is now on sale, featuring my column about comics, Adventures On Alternative Earths, in which I discuss Neil Gibson and Caspar Wijngaard’s horror series Tabatha, Owen Johnson and Indio!’s Raygun Roads and the Infinity Loop Death-Trap of Ulysses Pomp, Vera Greentea’s Papa and Robert Ball’s Winter’s Knight: Day One. That’s three superb, independent British comics and one dark and unique Kickstarted anthology from America, all waiting to be discovered by new readers.

Starburst issue 392 cover

Starburst 392  featured my comic strip with obscene artist Jon Michael Lennon (Cheeselord Comics – NSFW!) , Idiots Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, which continues the adventures of Frank and Fat Jackie.

Idiots Shouldn't Play With Dead Things by P M Buchan and Jon Michael Lennon preview

My review of The 100 by Kass Morgan is also in the newest issue of Starburst, but you can read it online here. Mostly I found it to tackle complex, adult issues in  a completely safe environment, where not even abortions or the end of civilisation are explored as anything more than an impetus to drive teen romance.

This month the jurors for the Best Artist category for the British Fantasy Awards have selected a winner, and I can’t wait until this is publicly announced. It doesn’t feel like very long ago when doing things like representing the British Fantasy Society, writing for publications like The Times Literary Supplement, or working with some of the phenomenal artists that I’m currently collaborating with, seemed like an unrealistic dream, so it’s thrilling to see some of my hard work paying off!

It’s been a quiet month for writing at the Buchan house, and we took a much needed family holiday filled with trips to the zoo, (foam) sword fights in ruined castles and an unfortunate incident when a seagull stole a whole donut from my indignant son. Everything will be picking up again now as I prepare to make appearances at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival in October and Thought Bubble in November. The second issue of Gothic-horror series La Belle Dame Sans Merci should be ready to launch at one of those two conventions, as should BLACKOUT II. I’m hoping to put together a collection of previously published comic strips at some point in the future too, but there doesn’t seem to be time to think about that right now. Work is coming along nicely on my second novel, which will surely take far longer to finish writing than I expect, and I’m due to deliver a short story about social media suicides in the middle of September that I haven’t thought about writing yet. My next Starburst strip, with Kerrang! artist Phillip Marsden, will give a taste for what to expect from BLACKOUT II, and I recently interviewed Rob Sherman and ‘Digital’ Dan Franklin about their interactive narrative Black Crown, so expect that to surface sometime in the next month also.

Monty's Bank Holiday by P M Buchan and Phillip Marsden preview

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