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All Roads Lead To Hell

September 19, 2013

Everything is beginning to come together this month. Issue 2 of my gothic-horror series with Karen Yumi Lusted, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, is on schedule to be released at the Lakes International Art Festival in Kendal in October. (Issue 1 is available to buy here, with a free preview available here courtesy of Emanata app for iPad.) BLACKOUT II, with Phillip Marsden, Jack Fallows and some very special guests is on schedule to be released at Thought Bubble in Leeds in November. (You can buy BLACKOUT here, if you have a strong stomach.)

I’ve been acting as one of the jurors for the 2013 British Fantasy Awards, and this month I’ve appeared on the Longlist for the 2012/2013 British Comic Awards, in the categories of Best Comic and Emerging Talent.

I also interviewed writer Rob Sherman this month, along with Random House Digital Publisher, ‘Digital’ Dan Franklin, about their grossly interactive digital fiction, Black Crown. Rob is an innovative, willfully obtuse and seriously talented writer, and Dan is a digital publishing powerhouse with blistering taste in music, so between them you really need to enroll at the Widsith Institute and give Black Crown a try.

Montgomery's Bank Holiday preview by P M Buchan and Phillip Marsden

Starburst Magazine issue 393 is now on sale, featuring my new comic strip with Kerrang! magazine artist (and BLACKOUT co-creator) Phillip Marsden. Monty’s Bank Holiday is adapted from H G Wells’ Island of Doctor Moreau, and is a whopping three pages of drunken debauchery, bestiality and Weekend at Bernie’s-esque antics. Not bad for my monthly one-page Starburst strip…

My column in Starburst 393, Adventures On Alternative Earths, contains recommendations of Metrodome and Crawl Hole, by the thoroughly disturbing Craig Collins and Iain Laurie, Christopher Nolan-esque superhero epic Eponymous, by Mike Garley and Martin Simmonds, post-apocalyptic anthology The Waste, by Mark Penman, James Lawrence and Andrew Tunney, and lastly Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic, by more quality writers, artists and scientists than you can shake a Greggs sausage roll at.

For issue 394 of Starburst next month I’ll be joined by a very special artist, Anna Fitzpatrick, creator of Between Worlds and the upcoming Kore, which massively exceeded its goal on Kickstarter recently and will be available directly from the creator shortly. Anna is immensely talented, and we’ve been trying to work together since collaborating on the initial pitch for Doomed Romantics last year, so its gratifying to know that we’ll finally have some work in print together.

My Heart Is Yours preview - P M Buchan and Anna Fitzpatrick

Finally, a new BLACKOUT review appeared online courtesy of Stephen L Holland, from Nottingham’s best comic shop Page 45. You can now buy BLACKOUT at Page 45 or through their online store, and frankly my stocks are running low, so by all means give them your money!

Holland, who is one of the judges for the 2013 British Comic Awards, said that BLACKOUT is “sexually explicit; a good old-fashioned throw-back to underground comix.” Reviewing at its best.

Everything else is business as usual at Team Buchan. Children that never sleep, more ongoing commitments than I have hot meals, horror-punk blasting out my speakers while I work, and still forging ahead on the second novel.

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