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Love Will Tear Us Apart

November 11, 2014

Launching in New Dock Hall, Table 187 at Thought Bubble in Leeds on Saturday 15th November 2014, is my new adult horror collection, Love Will Tear Us Apart, illustrated by debut comic artist RGB and John Pearson (Beast Wagon, CULT), with pinups by INDIO! (Raygun Roads, Stephenson’s Robot) and Mark Chadwick (Raygun Roads, The Electra Tattoo Company) and a rundown of the Top 11 zombie terror tunes of all time by Tomb TV and Rue Morgue Radio‘s Tomb Dragomir.

Love Will Tear Us Apart promo logo

Love Will Tear Us Apart is a 48-page adult horror anthology that tackles themes of domestic abuse and familial responsibilities in an apocalyptic setting. In the end times, nobody will have more to lose than parents, and this collection reflects the ways that my outlook on life changed when I became a father.

As well as the physical copy, which launches on the 15th of November, a digital version will be available at from Monday 17th November, in a PDF that has been optimised for iPad screens.

Love Will Tear Us Apart poster

I’ll be exhibiting at Thought Bubble with long-suffering associate Jack Fallows, who’ll be selling copies of his self-loathing diary comic Axolotl 2. You’ll be able to buy copies of my Manson Family-inspired CULT A3 art prints, created with artist John Pearson. There’ll be special offers for anybody buying Love Will Tear Us Apart and the CULT prints together. I’ll also be selling copies of Gothic-horror series La Belle Dame Sans Merci, which comes with a free downloadable soundtrack, and BLACKOUT II: YOLO, the satirical horror-comedy anthology featuring strips by Jack Fallows, Phillip Marsden, Chris Doherty, Trystan Mitchell, Mike Barnes and Harley Poe‘s Joe Whiteford. Finally, there’ll be early bird discounts for anybody that wants to buy any of the above before 12pm on the Saturday.

If you’re coming to Thought Bubble, I’ll be at the Raygun Roads unofficial Thought Bubble party on Friday night and then the British Comic Awards and mid-con party on Saturday night. Say hi if you see me!

Sadie - By John Pearson and P M Buchan


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