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Introducing BKIP – The Bear Kingdom Independence Party

May 4, 2015

From the pages of The Final BLACKOUT, my upcoming satirical horror-comedy anthology with co-creators Jack Fallows (Axolotl) and Phillip Marsden (Kerrang!), comes BKIP, illustrated by Phillip Marsden, the story about Teddy Bear’s struggle to survive in a world where migrant humans are undercutting good, honest, local bears. You can read the eight page strip in full on my Tumblr. Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

BKIP page one

If you enjoyed BKIP, I’ll soon be publishing in the UK the collected edition of my other major comic with Phillip Marsden, The Object of My Affection, of which Laura Sneddon (The Guardian, The Independent) said: “Underground comics are often unfairly dismissed as misogynistic male fantasy fodder, but it’s fair to say that the particularly disturbing and on point look at misogyny within Object of My Affection is both incredibly welcome and a resounding success. The objectification of women is deftly turned into a weapon against sexism, and a genuinely terrifying morality tale. Hurrah for progressive filth!”

Object cover by Phillip Marsden and P M Buchan

This year I’ve worked with Beast Wagon co-creator John Pearson (Rue Morgue) again on a new strip called Click Bait, about Japanese YouTube schoolgirl celebrities. I have a lot of pent up feelings about the institutional sexism that seems to be prevalent throughout society and the ways that this manifests in the representation of women in comics. Click Bait addresses some of those issues in my characteristic understated and subtle way. I’ll update this site when I can confirm when and where it will be published.

Click Bait preview

Following a similar theme, by this point readers may have noticed that behind the plot of my Gothic-horror series with Karen Yumi Lusted (Tommi C and the Cat Burglar), La Belle Dame Sans Merci, lies the question of what is a femme fatale? I find the archetypal notion of the femme fatale, going from modern Neo Noir back to the Romantic poets and earlier, to be problematic. This series tackles some of those ideas. La Belle Dame Sans Merci Chapter Three is still on track for release this year, an oversized issue about child abductors, Hell and redemption.

LBDSM 3 preview

Finally, work continues slowly with artist Caspar Wijngaard (Tortured Life) on a story that we’re developing together, and like so many of my stories, it seems to be really benefiting from the additional time that we’re giving to it. More news on this when it’s ready.woe2pGWJ

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