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HANGOVER – The comics of P M Buchan

May 25, 2016

Every week for the rest of 2016 I’m going to be posting up my previously published comic strips online to read for free. Eventually I’ll probably do a huge collection of all my standalone strips and magazine work, because for years I was creating one-off comics each month with different artists for magazines in the UK and entering competitions and submitting to anthologies, but that’s not a priority for 2016. This is the year of the new.


In future months look out for strips with D W Frydendall (Dark Horse – Creepy), Martin Simmonds (Titan Comics – Death Sentence: London), INDIO! (Changeling Studios – Raygun Roads) and Joe Whiteford (horror-folk-punk band Harley Poe), but for now you can read the first three professionally published comic strips that I ever worked on, created for SCREAM: The Horror Magazine late 2011 and early 2012.

Everybody has a different route to publication, but for me personally I floundered after studying English Literature at the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and spent years in jobs that had nothing to do with writing. At one point I realised that the things I was most knowledgeable about were horror, comic-books, punk-rock and the Romantics, and it felt like I’d NEVER find a way to do anything practical with these things. So I sat down and looked at all the magazines currently being published, particularly new ones that weren’t too established yet, and I found SCREAM, a horror mag that hadn’t yet featured any writing about comics. I emailed the editor, Rich Cooper, and he was the first person to publish my work, a feature about Avatar Press. The next month I emailed him again and suggested that I could write one-page comics for the pages of the mag, and so he also became the first person to publish one of my comics. After seeing my original comics on shelves in newsagents in the UK, I never looked back!

Drag the Lake was my first strip for SCREAM, created with artist Kate Holden. Kate is from Cumbria and mostly focuses on work for games these days, but she’s great.

Drag the Lake preview - Kate Holden and P M Buchan

Don’t Fear The Reaper was my second strip for SCREAM, created with Jack Fallows, who was genuinely the first person to ever send me fanmail for my first self-published comic EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.

DFTR preview

I Was A Teenage Werewolf was my third strip for SCREAM, also created for Jack, because we work brilliantly together when we don’t hate each other.

I Was A Teenage Werewolf preview

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