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P M Buchan is an author, comic-book writer and PR professional who has written for The Times Literary Supplement, Rue Morgue Magazine and Panel Nine’s INFINITY, and has been quoted by The Guardian as an authority on comics in the UK. Buchan’s comic strips have been serialised in Starburst and SCREAM: The Horror Magazine, his short stories have been published in The Bleed and his short horror films have screened at 2 Days Later and The Cutting Edge Film Festival.

P M Buchan is co-creator of the feminist gothic-horror series, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, which has inspired a short film by Mitsuko Studios, an orchestral soundtrack by Brendan Ratliff (Echolevel) and a dark punk-rock song by For the Wolf. He is also co-creator of BLACKOUT, the satirical horror-comedy anthology that was rejected on grounds of obscenity by two printers, and also the writer and co-creator of adult zombie anthology, Love Will Tear Us Apart. As part of the GHOSTS comic collective, Buchan’s Manson Family-inspired artwork (with Beast Wagon creator John Pearson) exhibited in the CULT show at London’s Orbital Comics.

In his recommendation for La Belle Dame Sans Merci issue one, Bulletproof Coffin creator, David Hine, said: “P M Buchan’s loose interpretation of Keats’s poem is as enigmatic and disturbing as the source material,” and Bleeding Cool reviewer, Brett Schwaner, called it: “Beautiful and brutal, elegant and eerie… one of the best horror comics of 2012.”

Speaking of BLACKOUT, British Comic Awards judge Stacey Whittle said: “This is a really awful, depraved, sick book… It’s that hilarious (where) you feel really guilty that you’re laughing, and you know that you are a bad person,” and 44FLOOD CEO, Kasra Ghanbari, said: “Sick, brutal, odd, precise… disconcerting in much the same way as a staring contest with a pathological liar. Who are these beautifully sinister bastards?!?”

E-mail pmbuchan at hotmail dot com to enquire about his rates and availability.

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