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BLACKOUT cover by Jack Fallows


This 32-page, full-colour anthology is packed with unrequited romance, booze, death-by-misadventure, necrophilia, cannibalism and suicide, and that’s just the first story!

Satirical Horror-Comedy anthology BLACKOUT is created by Starburst Magazine columnist P M Buchan, The Big Bang creator Jack Fallows and Kerrang! illustrator Phillip Marsden, with guest contributions by Andrew Waugh (Dodgem Logic), Mike Barnes (Cornelius Blow) and Harley Poe frontman Joe Whiteford.

Buy physical and digital editions of BLACKOUT here.

Praise for BLACKOUT

Nick Abadzis (Hugo Tate, Cora’s Breakfast)

“This is disgusting, awful, warped, perverted, offensive stuff. Be warned – it’s also very funny. If you like that sort of thing, dive in!”

Andrew Borthwick

“Just finished BLACKOUT and loved it. My kind of book. Looking forward to more!”

Richard Bruton (Forbidden Planet International, British Comic Awards judge 2012)

“There’s plenty of stuff in here to laugh at, plenty to wince at, plenty of good art as well, a surprisingly high standard in this anthology all told. There’s a good dose of nasty bloke stuff here, but more often than not it’s the depraved bloke who gets it in the end; whether it’s…a vile specimen of the clown fraternity getting his comeuppance (sort of) in Buchan and Whiteford’s Zingo’s Lament… or misogynist bastards coming to grief thanks to their newly bewitched blow-up doll in Buchan and Marsden’s Object of my Affection.

What’s Inside A Girl? is … slapstick horror at its best really.”

BLACKOUT is most certainly not for everyone…but it is most definitely a solid, fun, sick little anthology.”

James Clayton (Den of Geek)

“Horrifying highs, dread and nausea are provided by BLACKOUT. Flicking through the death-soaked pages of cannibalism, suicide, substance abuse, necrophilia, psychomania and so on I was utterly shocked and filled with revulsion. It’s the most sicknasty brutal comics anthology blast I think I’ve ever experienced and I can’t recommend BLACKOUT highly enough.”

Craig Collins (Roachwell, Haunted Bowels)

“Finally caught up with P M Buchan’s BLACKOUT. Plenty of black-hearted cackles to be had in there.”

Max Deacon (Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?)

“Just finished reading BLACKOUT. It was odious, perverse, and unexpectedly profound. I thought it was wonderful.”

Anna Fitzpatrick (Between Worlds)

“After reading BLACKOUT, I feel I should buy a blow-up doll, just to rescue it.”

Mike Garley (Dead Roots, Vs Comics)

“My wife didn’t approve of the content and wasn’t surprised by the printers refusal. She is NOT a horror fan.”

Kasra Ghanbari (44FLOOD, MONOCYTE, TOME)

“Sick, brutal, odd, precise…disconcerting in much the same way as a staring contest with a pathological liar. Who are these beautifully sinister bastards?!?”

Sarah Gordon (The Last Tape in Hell, The Peckham House for Invalids)

“I just read BLACKOUT! I am incredibly amused, slightly upset and a bit nauseous. I think that’s a good response?”

Douglas Noble (Strip For Me)

“It’s good, wrong fun, that BLACKOUT.”

John J Pearson

BLACKOUT is batshit crazy, I love it.”

Saranga Comics / Pai Picks

 “The stories in here have been dredged up from the filth of the creators minds and it’s wonderful.  It’s depraved, it’s vulgar, it’s quite disgusting.  It’s highly entertaining.  If you take particular pleasure in the grossness of the toilet scenes in Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting you’ll probably like this.  If you want to read nasty fiction with no holds barred ideas, you’ll probably like this.”

Martin Simmonds (Dead Roots, Tales of Discord)

“Just read BLACKOUT by P M Buchan. Brilliantly dark and twisted comic. I know what I’m getting my Nan for Christmas.”

Jamie Smart (Bear, Corporate Skull, Bunny vs Monkey)

“It’s beautiful and obscene and glorious and depraved, and will damage the minds of anyone who reads it. But y’know, in a good way.”

John Stratford

“Picked up a sick, depraved comic called BLACKOUT at Thought Bubble. Disturbing. Loved it.”

Joe Whiteford (Harley Poe)

“Satan, killer clowns, necrophilia, lechery, insobriety, cannibalism, sex dolls, murder; this is what you love, and all this and more in full color can be found in this nasty little book brought to you by P M Buchan with the help of some of his sick collaborators, including yours truly. Support independent comics, celebrate perversity!”

Stacey Whittle (Into the Woods, Small Press Big Mouth, British Comic Awards judge 2012)

“This is a really awful, depraved, sick book. It’s a series of short stories – each one sicker and more twisted than the one before…  What this is, is beautifully produced…it’s gorgeous… It’s that hilarious, y’know, when you’re laughing, and you feel really guilty that you’re laughing, and you know that you are a bad person.  They’re kind of bringing that out of you – that you know you are a bad person, but you’re gonna laugh anyway. It’s that. And it’s done very, very well.”

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